I am finally going to veterinary school. It has been a dream of mine since I was about eight years old. I had a great love for and interest in animals from a young age. I even had a “visible” dog, a model that was clear plastic on the outside which when put together let me observe the internal organs of a canine.

I know that this was still my career goal when I was a sophomore in high school because my counselor advised me against taking geometry since I did not need it for the pre-vet curriculum. I am not sure why I decided to switch to chemical engineering in my junior year. Maybe it was because I thought I was pretty good at chemistry. Maybe it was because Louisiana did not have a veterinary school and I would have to move out of state. Most likely I just did not think very much about it one way or the other. I just sort of went with the flow.

It is not anything I regret, but I have on occasion wondered what might have happened had I stuck with my boyhood ambition. One thing for sure, university president was not on my list even though that has turned out pretty well.

Finally though, I am going to get to go to veterinary school. It will be to visit my daughter who enters in the fall.

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